Ningbo Jiajie Electronics Co., Ltd.


Company Profile

Ningbo Jiajie Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 as a foreign-invested enterprise funded by a Hong Kong-based company. The company originated from Ningbo Junyuan Electric Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1996 and specialized in producing power cords, plugs, sockets, wire spools, and small household appliances. The company currently has net assets of over 70 million yuan, covers an area of 21 acres, and has a new standard factory building of over 16,000 square meters. It has around 200 workers, 2 technical personnel, 10 inspection personnel, and has invested 3 million yuan in testing equipment and 10 million yuan in production equipment. The company’s annual sales are about 100 million yuan, and its products are sold worldwide. The company has always been committed to providing customers with high-quality products and excellent services.

The company was the first to pass the ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification and China’s mandatory product certification. Its products are produced in accordance with national and international standards and have been certified by many authoritative institutions such as UL/CUL in the United States, VDE in Europe, SNI in Indonesia, SAA in Australia, CCC in China, and ASTA in the United Kingdom. This fully demonstrates the strength and quality of our company’s brand, which is inseparable from the hard work and meticulous work of General Manager Wang Caidi, other leaders, and all employees, and has achieved unprecedented brilliance in the company’s history.

The company adheres to the design concept of “simple and generous, exquisite and perfect”, and the company philosophy of “quality first, customer first”, with innovation and development as its goals, and honest operation as its principle. In today’s fiercely competitive market, the company has still completed a comprehensive and multi-level market layout. Currently, the company’s products are sold to dozens of countries and regions such as Europe, America, Australia, the Middle East, South Africa, Japan, and South Korea.

Clear goals, careful planning, and efficient execution are the work standards of Jiajie people, who adhere to the core values of “happiness” (simple life, enjoy work), “undertaking” (daring to take responsibility, dedicated and diligent), and “innovation” (pioneering and enterprising, exploring change). Jiajie has built its unique corporate culture and laid the foundation for the company’s sustainable development.

Since General Manager Wang Caidi took office, the company’s scale has continued to expand. It has won many honors, such as AA-level production enterprises, provincial safety production standards enterprises, and harmonious workshop groups in Simen Town. It has also increased its efforts in safety production, invited municipal fire protection leaders to teach at our company, and organized all employees to participate in fire drills to further strengthen employees’ fire awareness.

During her tenure, General Manager Wang Caidi adjusted the original management model to an overall development strategy. The development pattern of management and entity driving together was implemented. Under her advocacy, ERP information management, “5S”, and other modern enterprise management were incorporated into internal management. The company pays attention to talent introduction and implements humanized management: 1. Formulate incentive policies, mainly reflected in new product development reward policies, new product and sales linkage policies, and modified sales policies. 2. Performance appraisal policy: mainly reflected in monthly performance evaluation, constantly discovering talents, giving talents promotion development space, making them take up important positions in the company, and becoming the company’s strong backing. The company also uses a “matter-oriented” work style. Do what you are good at and avoid what you are not good at. The company pays close attention to brand building, builds a well-known brand in the province, and has been rated as an “excellent supplier” by Panasonic of Japan for its excellent quality, reasonable price, and honest service. At the same time, it actively participates in party building work, forming a pioneering and upward corporate culture, and actively carries out public welfare activities to give back to society. It strives to become a modern enterprise with core competitiveness in the field of power cords, household appliances, and high-tech fields.

Facing the market environment of economic globalization, Wang Caidi firmly grasps market opportunities, continuously cultivates new markets, increases customer development efforts, strives to be a supporting role of world-renowned enterprises, and continuously strengthens brand building. Under the impact of the global financial crisis, the company not only did not suffer serious setbacks but also achieved further sales growth, which fully demonstrates that General Manager Wang Caidi’s management model is correct. In order to improve the competitiveness of its products, the company has also increased its investment in the rubber wire project, which has considerable prospects.

Since its establishment, our company has been creating maximum profits by maximizing user value. “Quality first, customer first” is our company’s purpose. Pursuing high-tech is our company’s goal. Innovation is the driving force for our development, and service wins the market. Zero defects in quality and zero distance in communication are our company’s management methods. “Integrity-based, customer-oriented” is our company’s business philosophy to meet the needs of our customers. We are willing to cooperate sincerely with people from all walks of life, develop together, and create a brilliant tomorrow.