VDE CEE7/7 16A Europe Schuko Right Angle Plug

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    VDE CEE7/7 16A Europe Schuko Right Angle Plug

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Product name: JF-03 European three-core pipe plug into 90 degree bend VDE certified power cord
Voltage: 250V
Current: 16A
Conductor material: Pure copper
Plug Material: PVC
Wiring body material: PVC, RUBBER, RUBEER BRAID
Compatible wire specifications: H03VV-F 3G0.75mm2
H05VV-F 3G0.75mm2
H05VV-F 3G1.0mm2
H05VV-F 3G1.5mm2
H05V2V2-F 3G0.75mm2
H05V2V2-F 3G1.0mm2
H05V2V2-F 3G1.5mm2
H05RR-F 3G0.75mm2
H05RR-F 3G1.0mm2
H05RR-F 3G1.5mm2
H05RN-F 3G0.75mm2
H05RN-F 3G1.0mm2
H07RN-F 3G1.0mm2
H07RN-F 3G1.5mm2
H03RT-H 3G0.75mm2
H03RT-H 3G1.0mm2
Available connector models: C5 plum tail (JF-08), C13 suffix (JF-05)
Length: 1.0M, 1.5M, 1.8M can be customized according to customer requirements
Color: Regular black and white, other colors can be customized
Package: Both inner and outer material and styles can be customized
Quality system: ISO9001:2015